HOURS AND ADMISSION FEES   —  Open 365 Days A Year


Monday 12PM to 10PM — Coed

Tuesday 12PM to 10PM — Coed
Wednesday 10AM to 2PM — Women only; 2PM to 10PM-Coed
Thursday 12PM to 5PM — Men only; 5PM to 10PM — Coed
Friday 12PM to 10PM — Coed
Saturday 9AM to 10PM — Coed
Sunday 8AM to 2PM — Men only; 2PM to 10PM — Coed

One Day Admission $35
 5  Admissions $135
 7  Admissions $180
10 Admissions $250
15 Admissions $350
20 Admissions $420
 3 Month Membership $550

The Baths is owned and operated separately by Boris and David. You may only use admission tickets and gift cards with the manager you purchased the card from, ie. a Boris pass can only be used during Boris's shift and a David pass can only be used during David's shift.  
Please consult the calendar.